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Scripture Sabbath – Psalm 119:103-104

Scripture Sabbath Challenge

Throughout the scriptures, we find the command to study, to meditate, to teach, the words found in the scriptures.There is also a day set apart as a day to gather together and worship our God.

The Challenge

Once a week, on your day of worship, whenever it is, share a scripture with your fellow bloggers. It can be one you’ve been studying for a while, one you’ve just rediscovered, an old favorite, etc.

Include the tag and/or category “Scripture Sabbath” in your post, so we can all share in what has made an impact on your life this week.

And, if you’re willing, come back here and share your post link in the comments, either on this page or any of my Scripture Sabbath posts.

My Scripture – Psalm 119:103-104


“How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding:therefore I hate every false way.” ~ Psalm 119:103-104

I’m so grateful to be blessed with the word of God found in the Holy Scriptures. There is so much that is “sweeter than honey to my mouth”.

There are some days where frustrations, anger, and other negative feelings threaten to overwhelm me and draw tears from my eyes. During those times, I have a reminder to read my scriptures. As I obey that thought, the Holy Spirit fills my soul with the peace and calm that I so desperately need. The problems or situations that brought on the feelings might not be gone, but I am better able to handle them thanks to that peace that fills my soul.

I know that – in a world full of contradicting, confusing views that lead mankind every which way – I can find the truth in the Word, and that it can guide me along the path I need to go.

A Question for the week: How are the scriptures sweet to you?

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